Bond Market Rates

Bond market rates represent the sum which is paid for a particular bond. Related to interest rates, they are presented through bond market quotes. The movement of these rates are controlled by the interest rates because whenever the interest rates are rising, the bond market rates tend to fall, and vice versa.
The bond market, also known as the fixed income or long term debt market, is a part of the capital market. It market is by companies or governments looking to generate long term funds by offering bonds to investors. By purchasing these bonds, an investor provides a loan to the bond issuer for a pre-determined period.

In return, the investor receives dividends regularly and at the ends of the term gets back the invested money with interest. The act of offering a bond issue for the first time is done in the primary bond market. Since these terms are pre-set, the bond market rates are important in this market.
It is in the secondary market, where the existing bonds are traded, and where bond market rates are important. The ups and downs in this market will cause profit or loss to the investor. To reduce the risk of loss, the investor should keep latest information about the bond market rates and the movement of the bond market indexes.
There are several sites to provide the rates of different bonds existing in the market. Some of these bond market rates are listed below:
Corporate Bonds

Maturity Yield Yesterday Last Week Last Month
2yr AA 4.83 4.77 4.75 4.78
5yr AA 5.18 5.19 5.07 5.20
10yr AA 5.70 5.71 5.67 5.81
20yr AA 6.04 6.32 6.27 6.16
2yr A 4.96 4.88 4.91 4.99
5yr A 5.31 5.24 5.15 5.07
10yr A 5.78 5.80 5.71 5.87
20yr A 6.14 6.28 6.23 6.19
5yr AAA 4.85 4.77 4.93 4.92
10yr AAA 5.46 5.52 5.42 5.28
20yr AAA 5.80 5.95 5.89 6.05

US Treasury Bonds

Maturity Yield Yesterday Last Week Last Month
30 Year 4.86 4.87 4.77 4.69
10 Year 4.65 4.64 4.52 4.38
5 Year 4.37 4.33 4.19 4.03
3 Year 4.16 4.11 3.98 3.91
2 Year 4.12 4.07 3.97 3.89
6 Month 4.07 4.02 3.97 3.99
3 Month 3.88 3.85 3.81 3.89


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