Top Ten Branding Mistakes

In this paper we will analyze the top ten branding mistakeswhich several companies often do. Mainly, the companies are not able to create a popular brand name and identity due to lack of innovation in their brand strategy.
In today’s world, where the market competition is so tough, all the companies, both big and small, are working hard to build a suitable brand to their name. Branding is very essential in creating public awareness about a company which, in tern, accelerates the company’s growth. Companies with a good brand name and identity can easily capture the market.

Many companies have been trying to build a suitable brand name to catch their target audiences for a long time, but some have got the success while some have not by reason of numerous mistakes.

The top ten branding mistakes are analyzed below :

  • Failure in Maintaining the Brand:
    In todays market, the nature of businesses changes every now and then which confuses the companies to attract their steady customers. Therefore, if any company uses one particular type of brand for a long time it will not go with the market, for the market is changing. Therefore, the company will not be able to maintain the essence of their brand after a certain period, and, as a result, the customers will loose their interest.
  • Failure in Realizing the Underlying Potential:
    Many companies don’t have the idea of their potential and, that’s why they think that they are capable of doing numerous things or provide quality services faster. But the reality is not the same. Therefore, their brands’ abstract fails to prove its credibility to the customers which brings down their brand value.
  • No Analytical Thinking:
    Many companies fail to bring innovation in brand strategy and brand management. They only think that branding means a logo or some eye catching phrases. Therefore, umpteen time they can’t make a good brand identity.
  • Efforts to Please Everyone:
    Some companies try hard to create a brand identity which will please the customers from all section. Therefore, frequently their brand names or identities do not go by their products or services. They should brand themselves in such a way which suits with the products offering best.
  • Inefficient Marketing Plan:
    Many companies don’t have an efficient brand management system. Moreover, they don’t have a definite marketing plan. Therefore they do enter into the market with attractive brand identity but not have the required resources to reach the target audiences.
  • Absence of Commitment:
    Not many companies are fully dedicated and committed to build a good brand name or identity. Some companies do their branding strategies by using such resources who are not an expert. Moreover, in some companies people who are handling the marketing and branding also have to work in some other departments, for example, sales. Therefore, they are not able to dedicate themselves fully to branding.
  • Uses of Gibberishes:
    Many companies fill their logos or brand lines up with jargons. This will not improve the brand value either.
  • Complexity:
    Many companies use complex tag lines or phrases which fail to attract large audiences.
  • Many organizations try too hard to differentiate themselves with the others. Therefore, often, their branding strategies end up without getting any success. That is, being different only for the sake of it is not branding.
  • Failure in monitoring the brand campaigns is also a branding mistake.


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Last Updated on : 8th July 2013

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