Development Strategy of Coca Cola

Brand development strategy of Coca Cola has been far reaching and has managed to remain in the limelight ever since it became a favorite with the non alcoholic drinkers. It has been noticed that brand loyalty is an important factor in maintaining the number one position.
The article below suggests the various brand building techniques of the company. Founded in the year 1886, the Coca Cola company enjoys the status of being one of the biggest non alcoholic beverage companies of the world. It has a distribution system, which makes it unique from the rest of the non alcoholic beverage manufacturers.

Over the years, Coca Cola has passed several tests of brand enhancement and the company makes it a point that the products under the banner Coca Cola continue to invade the minds of the consumers. The brand development strategy of Coca Cola comprised redesigning of its brand development policies and techniques to keep up with the changing mindset of its consumers.

Earlier, this brand believed in the following:
Afford ability

However, this brand development strategy of Coca Cola was reworked to stress on the following instead:
Price value
“Pervasive penetration”.

The essence of brand building of the company lies in the fact that it wants its consumers accessibility to be “within an arm’s reach of desire”. In an attempt to build its brand identity, as many as 20 brand attributes are tested every month involving as many as 4000 customers. The brand development strategy of Coca Cola is effective as it has been able to construct, manage as well as maintain its brand image since yesteryears.

Another reason why this brand has gained unanimous acceptance all around the globe is due to the fact that it has been able to connect very well with its consumers. This implies brand loyalty. Brand loyalty has been instrumental in keeping up the brand image of Coca Cola. It believes in shelling out the best so that the consumers are retained by default. A part of the brand building technique is also to enhance “purchase frequency”. The company has also invested in various advertisement campaigns often engaging the services of celebrities around the globe. In addition to the consumers, there is another category of consumers, who increase the consumer base and they constitute the collectors of the brand. The collectors usually indulge in collecting old as well as upcoming logos of Coca Cola, bottles and literary matter.

With regard to the brand development of Coca Cola Zero, the company came out with an advertisement, which was quite different from the conventional ones. In this regard, (no calorie beverage), it has shelled out three types of products.
Coca Cola Classic
Diet Coke
Coca Cola Zero.
There are few experts who believe that when Coca Cola had the tag line of “The Real Thing”, it was really that but with the invention of various categories of coke, the “real thing” changes to “many things”, and the original flavor is usually lost. Hence, the brand building strategies should be such that it does not confuse people and is able to retain consumers despite the fact that several new non alcoholic beverage firms are on the anvil.

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