GE Brand Value

In this paper we will discuss about GE’s brand value and brand strategy. The FORTUNE magazine has listed GE, General Electric, as one of the most popular brand in the world.
In 2007, the FORTUNE magazine declared GE, General Electric, as one of the hottest brand in the world. GE also made it to the Landor Associates’, a brand consultancy, annual Breakaway Brands’ list. FORTUNE focused more on brand awareness instead of brand momentum.

According to experts, the brand value of GE has been increasing since 2003. GE raises its brand value through environmental efforts. GE’s well known ecomagination campaign wishes to make its annual research budget almost double for cleaner technologies, for example, wind turbines, energy-efficient refrigerators etc.

In 2007, from those research efforts 12 billion dollars had been generated as revenue from almost fifty products and services.

In 2005, GE ranked as the 3rd most valuable brand in the world. However, its brand value was only 10.8% of the market capital.

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Last Updated on : 8th July 2013

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