Bolivia Budget 2012

The main focus of the Bolivia budget 2012 will be on the critical sectors such as education and health as per Alvaro Garcia, the Bolivian Legislative Assembly acting president.

Bolivia Budget 2012 – Major Expenses:
According to Garcia, a substantial part of the 2012 Bolivia budget will be dedicated to social causes.
The defense sector will be provided 435 million dollars.
The public works, housing and servicing sectors will be allotted approximately 1.3 billion dollars.
1.59 billion dollars have been earmarked for the education sector.
The Bolivian government, headed by the President, Evo Morales, will allot approximately 54 million dollars for the Juancito Pinto Benefit program. This program primarily encourages children to continue their school education and has already helped 1.6 million students from the first grade students at the primary level to the second year at the junior high school level.
According to Garcia, the Dignity Rent program will be allotted 250 million dollars.
This program assists senior citizens over 60 years age and provides them with 1800-2400 Bolivianos every year.
This program has already assisted 880,000 people since its inception.
The Bono Juana Azurduy de Padilla program will be allotted 15 million dollars in the 2012 budget.
As per this program, children younger than two years and pregnant ladies are provided with assistance of 1820 Bolivianos. This program has at least 800,000 beneficiaries.
Bolivia Economy – Present Condition:
Bolivia is presently hosting a social summit and it is expected by Luis Arce, the Minister of Economy and Public Finance that this will provide the national economy with some much needed boost. The efforts to change the procedures of Bolivian economy after 2006 will also be helped by this event.

The event has been attended by companies and organizations belonging to various social sectors and their debates, which happened at the social assembly, have given Arce and his subordinate ministers the ideas to make the public management systems better ones than their existing forms.

The second part of the event will be held at Cochabamba on 9th to 11th January, 2012. Various governmental departments and regions are presently discussing the recommendations made by the various social participants in the first phase of the said event.

Arce has stated that the meet at Cochabamba will feature further discussions on the strategies that can be used for betterment at the grass root levels and reach some consensus regarding these matters.

It is expected that these suggestions will help the government to continue the procedures being implemented by the Morales administration for economic betterment and boost the economy.

The new strategies, laid down by Evo Morales, for overall economic, social and political development, will feature critical sectors such as the social workers, intellectuals, farmers, students, indigenous people, women, laborers, business and organizations. These plans are supposed to help with the second stage of transformation of Bolivia.

These plans were originally promulgated by the Bolivian President in 2006 and are now being discussed and debated in this event, which has three stages. The first part of the event was staged in Cochabamba from 12th to 14th December 2011.

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