Environment Canada Budget

The Canadian Budget used to allocate funds for different Environment Programs of Canada. But, in the year 2007, the Canadian Government placed emphasis on issues like Climate Change and Global Warming. For, this reason, budgetary allocations towards other environment programs like Wildlife Protection Program, Migratory Bird Program were reduced in the Canadian Budget.

Environment Canada Budget represents the budgetary allocations made, for the purpose of environment protection, by the Canadian Government. The Government of Canada finances some special Environment Programs in order to address the issue of climate change. Moreover, some special wildlife Programs are also funded by the federal government of Canada.

In the year 2007, there was expectations, that the Canadian Government, wanted to reduce government expenditure on Environment Programs. Although, no official announcement was made about this from any of the government departments, negative reactions circulated among different Environmental Agencies and Wildlife Federations.

Sandy, Baumgartner, the Executive Director of Canadian Wildlife Federation, opined that, every section of Environment Department would suffer if the budgetary allocations towards Environment Protection is reduced.

David McGuinty, one of the renowned Environment Critics of Canada, informed that the Canadian Government was financing the Climate Change Related Programs utilizing the funds allocated for the programs,carried out for protecting the endangered species. According to McGuinty, the funds of Migratory Bird Programs were also being used for Climate Change Programs. He opined that the Canadian Government stressed much on issue of Global Warming, when making budgetary allocation, which affected the budgets of other Environmental Programs of Canada.

The Environment Programs of Canada that suffered from budget cuts are the following:
The Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Network, which deals with the changes in Ecosystem, lost 80% of its budgetary allocations.
The Migratory Bird Program experienced 50% budget reduction.
National Wildlife Areas, the program which used to work for Wildlife Protection, received zero funds, whereas, previously, it used to get a fund allocation of $1.9 million.

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