Georgia Budget 2012

Manana Manjgaladze, the Presidential Spokesperson of Georgia, has stated that she expects the Georgia budget 2012 to achieve important breakthroughs with regards to access to medical facilities.
The 2012 Georgia budget will adhere to the 10-Point Strategic Development Plan, which will help in creating a common approach towards critical infrastructural and socio-economic issues.

Petre Tsiskarishvili, MP of the ruling party, has said that the topics, which are critical to national economy, have been keenly considered while determining the budget. While approving the budget the Chairman of Budget and Finance Committee, Zurab Melikishvili has stated that the Parliament will be assisting every infrastructural project that is regarded as key issues by the central government.

Highlights of Georgia Budget 2012:
As per Manjgaladze, Georgia budget 2012 will make a lot of impact on 500,000 children and pensioners, who are regarded as being among the most susceptible citizens of the European nation.
As specified in the 2012 budget, pensioners will be given medical insurance facilities by the Georgian government from September 2012 onwards. The monthly charges for the insurance policy will be approximately 9 dollars and the national government will be subsidizing it.
The pension amount will be raised for recipients over 67 years of age from 2012.
As part of the insurance package for 2012, the beneficiaries will receive medical suggestions for free and 50% discount on some prescription medicines. They will also get other advantages like 80 percent coverage for costly and critical surgeries and free tests. In case of surgeries the upper limit for coverage is 15,000 lari.
This facility will cover important treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
A total of 7.673 billion Georgian lari will be allocated to the 2012 budget. Sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, defense and education will be given top priority.
The primary aim of Georgia budget for 2012 is to achieve overall economic progress through various initiatives.
The budget will look to promote every region so that an all-inclusive economic development can be achieved.
The 2012 budget is expected to focus on bringing about innovations in the tourism infrastructure. A resort will be opened at Mestia, Tetnuldi in association with Georgia s French partners the whole project is estimated to cost GEL 70 million.
A number of hydro-electric stations will be set up across the country. Georgia will also set up several specialized technical institutes to train future professionals in 2012.
Expectations from Georgia Budget 2012:
Mikhail Saakashvili, the President of Georgia, has said in a meeting with Nikoloz Gilauri, the Prime Minister of Georgia that he will aim to increase pensions to $100 prior to the completion of his term.

Saakashvili has expressed optimism that in 2012 Georgia will be able to maintain its trend of economic growth and advancement. He is hopeful that Georgia will be able to draw investors despite the present global financial condition. His main reason for optimism is the fact that top investors are leaving from certain countries and he opines that they might come to Georgia looking for suitable opportunities.

He has stated that Georgia is virtually corruption-free and it has one of the best security set-ups. He said that in 2012 Georgia will focus on creating well trained professionals who are capable of maximizing its economic capabilities.

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