Haiti Budget 2011-12

As per the Prime Minister s proposed Haiti budget 2011-12 there will be a 20 percent increase over the 2009-10 budget, which is effective presently.

Highlights of Haiti Budget 2011-12:
Experts of the Prime Minister s office have predicted that Haiti will earn approximately 40 billion gourdes or a billion US dollars.
As per the 2009-10 budgetary estimates, the administration will earn 34 billion gourdes or almost $850 million in revenues.
It is expected that the global community will account for at least 60 percent of the budget through various aids and contributions.
The President of Haiti, Michel Martelly, has proposed that 25 million dollars be allotted for restoring the national army.
Haiti Budget 2011-12 Analysis:
The Prime Minister of Haiti, Garry Conille, has stated in a policy statement that he is planning to generate financial resources amounting to approximately 600 billion gourdes or 15 billion US dollars.
This money will be generated in the five year period from 2011 fiscal to 2015.
A number of Haitian legislators, such as Steven Benoit, are hopeful that the 2012 Haiti budget will focus on critical sectors such as education, energy, legislation, job creation, and environment.
Haiti Budget 2011-12 Reception:
Oscar Arias, the erstwhile President of Costa Rica and a Nobel Laureate, has opposed the Haitian President s proposal to reinstate the national army. He has said that given the present condition of the country it will be a major mistake to devote so much financial resource to the army when it can be spent in critical sectors like health and education.

The national army of Haiti had been suspended way back in 1995 because of its less than impressive behavioral record. Martelly has said, though, that the main aim for bringing the army back is to safeguard the international borders as well as the environment.

He has further revealed that with the army reinstated, Haiti will be in a better position to deal with future natural disasters.
Haiti Economy:
At a recent Forum on Investment in Haiti, Martelly has made it clear that in the next three years of his tenure, he wants to create 500,000 jobs and stated that the process will start as soon as new investors start to come in.

He has revealed that Haiti is a good place to do business and ideal for investors who wish to make a difference. Martelly also believes that this in turn can assist in the long term economic growth and development of Haiti.

He has reiterated his commitment towards bringing about a positive change to the national economy and opines that initiatives like the Investment Forum reflect his desire to stay true to his earlier promises.

The government also aims to create sustainable jobs in both rural and urban areas and states this can be achieved through stable partnerships between the private and public sectors of Haiti. It will also look to make education the basis for effecting positive changes to the overall set up.

Revitalization and strengthening of rural communities also tops the government s agenda for the future. Additionally, the national administration is looking to create fresh rural communities to supplement Port-au-Prince.

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