US Budget Breakdown

In this paper we will explain the US budget breakdown, i.e., budget allocation for several sectors. Among all the sectors, energy and defense usually gets the highest priority in the US budget. The President’s 2009 budget has given a lot of emphasis on the country’s safety and security.
The US Budget breakdown report tells about the budget allotment for different sectors like, education, commerce, homeland security, energy, agriculture, transportation etc.
The budget allotment for these sectors are given below :

In 2004, the US federal budget 74 billion dollars for the agricultural sector. One of the main concerns of the government is food safety. Therefore, usually lot of money has been allocated for this purpose. Sometimes, the budget also allocates some money for child nutrition.


The US government has been spending a lot in the defense and military sector for a long time. The US military budget is a part of the US federal budget which shows the budget allocation for the military.
In 2004, almost 399 billion dollars had been allocated for the military. The budget includes the army, navy, coast guard, air force etc.

The US federal budget gives a lot of emphasis on education. In 2004, total 53.1 billion dollars was allocated for education. The government also takes care of child education. In the current budget, that is 2009 budget, almost 14.1 billion dollars has been granted for the poor schools and one billion dollars for research and higher education.

The US budget generally allocates a good amount of money for the nuclear energy sector. Research of hydrogen power fuel cells also gets huge importance from the government. In 2004, 23.4 billion dollars had been allocated for the energy sector.

In 2004, 54.3 billion dollars had been allocated for the transportation department. Lot of money has been spent by the government on building roads.

Homeland Security:
The President’s 2009 budget allocates a huge amount of money to hire people for strengthening the legal work force. In the 2004 federal budget, 36.2 billion dollars had been granted for the Homeland Security Department.

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