Budget US Airlines

The Federal government recently presented its budget request for the financial year 2009. In addition to addressing other sectors, Budget US Airlines assigned a sum of USD$14.6 billion. The article below reveals the manner in which the amount had been alloted and for what activities.
The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA looks into matters related to Budget US Airlines. The US Federal Budget, which was sent to the Congress by the President had many objectives. One of the objectives included the betterment of US Airlines services.

The FAA was established with the aim of promoting safety in aviation, for reducing congestion caused by buildings. Also falls within the jurisdiction of the FAA is operations and maintenance of the air traffic controlling system.
Inspection and abiding by regulatory norms pertaining to commercial safety and aviation safety; increasing the safety and potentialities of airports also within the capacity of the Federal Aviation Administration. In the Budget for the FY 2009, a budget request of USD$14.6 billion has been slated. The Budget US Airlines allocated funds broadly for the undermentioned categories.

Research and Development, Engineering:
For the purpose of carrying out research in aviation safety measures, an estimated USD$91 million has been assigned. Overall, for R&D and engineering activities, a total of USD$171 million was alloted. The remaining amount would be used for issues related to congestion reduction as well as for various environment related matters. The Joint Planning and Development Office has been assigned USD$14 million.
ATO or Air Traffic Organization:
The ATO has been sanctioned USD$9.7 billion for activities related to operations, communication, logistic backup and maintenance of air traffic and systems of air navigation.
For the purpose of activities related with safety operations, the budget US Airlines assigned USD$2.1 billion towards the “Safety And Operations” account. This includes financing for programs associated with FAA regulations, development, international, engineering and medical, management activities and “policy oversight”.
Grants for Airports:
For the development and planning activities of the country, a total of USD$2.8 billion has been assigned. This also comprises funding for projects as well as programs related to noise reduction, security, capacity and safety. The administrative expenditure has been alloted USD$87 million, a whopping USD$15 million for Airport Cooperative Research(ACR). For expenses related to technology research (of airports), a sum of USD$19 million was alloted.

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