US Budget and the Department of Agriculture

In this paper we will discuss about the 2009 US budget plans for the agricultural sector. The United States Department of Agriculture usually looks after the agricultural sector of this country. The new budget allocates a huge amount of money for the agricultural sector so that the department can run the upcoming programs of agricultural development smoothly.
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has got ample support from the President’s budget 2009. So it will be able to continue an efficient farm economy.
The new budget promises to minimize the trade barriers, which will encourage the USDA to expand its businesses.
The budget 2009 will help the USDA to run its nutrition assistance program in the rural areas which will cover mainly the poor farmers’ families.
The USDA has got the budgetary support for the Northwest Forest Plan which aims to harvest 800 million board feet of timber.
The new budget helps the Department of Agriculture to improve the food quality by introducing some food inspection systems.
The new budget introduces the Resource Conservation and Development Program which will ensure the agricultural growth.
President’s budget 2009 proposes rental assistance through which, all the tenants will receive altogether 897 million dollars.
The United States Department of Agriculture plans to open new markets for the rural farmers. The 2009 budget allocates huge amount of money for it.
The new budget allocates 297 million dollars to save the forests from the sudden catastrophic wildfires. It proposes the Watershed Surveys and Planning Program for subsidizing the local planning activities so that the water resources can be used properly.
In addition to that, the new budget proposes another program, named Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations Program, for subsidizing the rural water supply construction projects.

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