Department Of Defense and US Budget

Department of Defense and budget work in unison for attaining optimum standards as far the defense system of the nation is concerned. The article below scripts some of the essential aspects of the budget in the United States of America.
In every budget session, a particular amount of money is assigned to every sector of the economy for carrying out the different tasks undertaken as per the budget.

With regard to defense expenses, the Budget will assign a portion of money for funding various defense programs and projects. These programs and projects are executed by the various departments entrusted with a particular task.

An overview:
The Department of Defense and budget aims at strengthening the national defense system by providing financial assistance to the American defense force. It also allocates sufficient funds so that expenses may be incurred on training the force for preparing and developing the potentialities of the troop to take on threats should the need arise.
In addition to the above, the department also funds expenses related to recuperation of wounded soldiers and families. Another important task, scheduled to be taken up by the department is infrastructural development to meet the demand of the 21st century.

In this case, the Department of Defense and budget aims at attaining the following with the money, which was allocated to it:
As much as USD$515.4 billion is estimated to be assigned to the Department of defense. This would be a 74% increase as compared to what was assigned in the year 2001.
For the preparation of the defense force and their growth, a total of USD$20.5 million is estimated to be allocated.
For funding special operations, a sum of USD$5.7 billion will be kept aside as per estimates.
For improving missile defense it is being estimated that a total of USD$10.4 billion would be assigned.
For strengthening the network of USA security and for safeguarding information related to defense, the estimated amount allocation is USD$300 million.
For expenses related to assisting the injured warriors and for enhancing the health care system, a total of USD$42.8 billion would be kept aside.(estimated).
In order to build the infrastructure the department of defense it has been estimated that USD$9.1 billion will be assigned.
In matters related to adjustment of “global posture”, a total of USD$649 million was an estimated allocation.

The department of defense has taken all possible measures for the simplification of the entire system for better output.

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