Department of Education and US Budget

With the help of the fundings allocated through budget, the US Department of Education tries to improve the quality of education in the country. It also carries out special assistance programs for the disabled students. Actually, the US Department of Education and US Budget work towards raising academic standards and increasing accessibility to higher education.
Department of Education and Budget together try to strengthen the Education System of US Economy.US Budget 2009, also has some specific objectives for the Education Sector. The Budget plans to allocate substantial amount of funds to the Departmrent of Education, in order to improve the quality of education in USA.

The main objectives of US Budget 2009 and the US Department of Education are the following:
US Budget 2009, wants to ensure accountability in the grading system and result system of the schools of US.
The US Department of Education aims at utilizing more and more instructional methods in order to provide more flexibility and more choices to the students.
With the help of funds allocated through budget, Department of Education aims at providing special assistance to the disabled students and migrant students.
In order to generate competitive ability among the students of the nation, Department of Education put special emphasis on subjects like Mathematics and Science. For fulfillment of this objective, the budget aims at allocating $95 million for introducing rigorous math classes in the elementary and middle school levels.
The US Department of Education wants to work in a such a manner, that the federal investments made in the education sector can become successful in implementing high performing programs.
The US Budget 2009, also bears the responsibility of advancing US President’s commitment of Greater Access to Higher Education. It can be mentioned here, that in September, 2007, the US President signed College Cost Reduction and Access Act. This act ensured availability of need based aids for the US students.

During the period 2001 to 2007, the US Department of Education has introduced many revolutionary reform programs in the US Education System. The Department made the Federal Student Aid Program more cost effective. It improved the quality of education for the disabled students. The department also enhanced the accountability of US schools, raised the US academic standards and offered more academic choices to the students of USA.

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