Department of Energy and US Budget

The US Department of Energy plans to improve the carbon capture and storage process of the country using the budgetary allocation of US Budget 2009. The budget also aims at improving the system of Nuclear Waste Management.
Another important objective of US Energy Department is the technological advancement of the US Energy Sector. Department of Energy and Budget are related in a way as the Department of Energy has to depend on Budgetary Allocation of funds in order to carry out the functions of the department.

US Budget 2009 aims at emphasizing some specific issues of Energy Sector. In that way, the US Budget 2009 will fix some objectives for the US Department of Energy.

Plans of US Budget 2009 for US Department of Energy:
US Budget 2009 plans to finance extensive research programs in order to generate cost efficiency in carbon capturing and storage process. The US Energy Department wants to restructure the carbon capture and storage program in order to generate an efficient public-private partnership in this sector. Different pilot research programs are designed by the US Department of Energy, which will lower the cost of carbon capture by reducing the energy consumption level of carbon capture process. The Department plans to introduce an efficient carbon storage system by promoting underground carbon storage on a large scale.
The budget will allocate substantial amount of funds for carrying out research programs that will result in technological upgradation. With improved technology, US Energy Sector will be able to advance in a faster pace. In order to ensure technological advancement of the energy sector, the US Department of Energy finances research programs that aim at inventing upgraded nuclear fuel cycle and also promotes the licensing procedure for setting up new nuclear plants.
The Budget plans to allocate funds which will be used in Nuclear Waste Management.
At the same time, The US Department of Energy also has the plan for maintaining the country’s reserve of nuclear weapons. Not, only that, the Department of Energy will also work towards enhancing the complexity of the Nuclear Weapons.

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