Department of Health and US Budget

US Department of Health plans to introduce more accessible and affordable healthcare services in the country with the help of the funds allocate through US Budget 2009. The Department also aims at raising the transparency of the healthcare system by using Health Information Technology.
Department of Health and Budget are related as the different programs of Health Department are financed by the budgetary allocations. US Department of Health aims at improving the health facilities of the country using the funds allocated by the US Budget 2009.

The main objectives of the US Department of Health as reflected in the Budgetary Expectations of 2009:
The US Department of Health wants to ensure the availability of the healthcare services for the children of low income parents, on a priority basis. For this, the department wants to restructure State Children’s Health Insurance Program using the funds allocated through US Budget 2009.
US Budget 2009 aims at increasing the accessibility of affordable healthcare services by introducing specific market based reform programs.
The US Department of Health has an objective of raising the fiscal sustainability of all the Medicaid and Medicare Programs of US.
With the help of the funds allocated through Budget 2009, the US Health Department plans to increase the transparency of the US Healthcare System. For this purpose, the department plans to promote the usage of Health Information Technology.
The US Budget 2009 also plans to finance the research programs that are carried out with the aim of improving Public Health.
One of the main objectives of the US Budget 2009 is the objective of preparing the nation to fight with health emergencies. Using the budgetary allocations, Department of Health will try to prevent the citizens of US from diseases like pandemic influenza.
Using the funds allocated by US Budget 2009, the Department of Health, aims at preventing Bioterrorism in the country.


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