Environmental Spending In US Budget

The aim of the US federal budget for FY 2009 was varied, environmental spending in US budget being one of them. There had been allocation of funds for various sects of the environment. The article below highlights fund allocation along with policies and objectives for embracing the environmental spending.
US Federal Budget for United States of America addresses different sectors of the economy.
The budget document contains information about fund allocation for various sectors and also scripts the various policies adopted by the Federal government to meet its multifaceted objectives.

Environmental Protection Agency:
Similar to other fund allotment, the Federal budget assigns funds for the addressing different facets of the environmental protection. To carry out the different orders of the Federal government in matters related to the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency has been entrusted with the responsibility.

The US Federal budget with regard to protection of the environment aims at:
Cleaning up the country’s different areas, which contain hazardous waste materials.
Applying various norms for the protection of environment and health along the latest scientific lines.
Joining forces with national as well as international agencies for attending to issues related to climate and energy.
Supporting research and development work related to decontamination and water infrastructure protection.
Rendering assistance to the state governments so that they may fund infrastructural needs pertaining to potable water and treatment of waste water.
Reviving residential complexes and attracting investments in industrial areas, which have been forsaken.

Environmental spending in US Budget, which has been assigned to the Environmental Protection Agency for the financial year 2009 is as follows:
The Superfund Project for cleaning contaminated areas, a total of USD$1.3 billion was assigned.
The Resource Conservation And Recovery Act project has been assigned USD$39 million.
For Environmental Protection Agency’s or EPA’s activities related to Water Security has been alloted USD$35 million.
USD$6.8 billion was extended towards funding activities of Clean Water State Revolving Fund or SRF.
As much as USD$842 million was provided for the program related to Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.
For facilitating Asia Pacific Partnership USD$5 million was assigned.
For carrying out the activities of Energy Star program, a total of USD$5 million was provided.

In addition to financing the above mentioned activities of the agency, there has been allotment in other categories also. Only some of the allocations have been mentioned above.

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