US Military Budget

The US Military Budget, a part of the US government’s federal budget, reflects the budget allocations and plans for the defense sector, i.e., it tells about the budget allocation for the military salaries, health care, training etc.
Moreover, the military budget funds all the defense operations run by the government. It shows that how much money is allocated to buy new equipments and maintain the arms. The US military budget finances all the departments namely, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, Marine Corps and Navy, of the country’s military.

However, the budget does not include the development of infrastructure that are surrounding the country’s military bases. The US government spends nearly 3.7% of its Gross Domestic Product on its military. Since the country’s GDP increases currently, the government will spend more on its military during the 2008 – 09 financial year.
The United States of America has black budget, a budget which is normally related with expenses regarding military research and kept secret for several security reasons, military spending that is excluded from the military budget.

The US military budget for the financial year 2007 went up to 439.3 billion dollars, excluding some military related areas, like research of nuclear weapons, Iraq and Afghan war etc.
The amount of military related spendings was almost 626.1 billion dollars.

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