NASA and US Budget

US Budget 2009 estimates pertaining to NASA and budget details are mentioned below in the write up. The aspects, which will be taken care of by the President in 2009 budget will comprise the following areas and the consequent assignment of funds for the same.

Budget 2009 pertaining to NASA or National Aeronautics And Space Administration would allot funds for building spacecrafts as well as rockets, which would assist scientists in exploring the solar system.

It is being anticipated that provisions for the enhancement of knowledge in the science of space, aeronautics and earth will also be undertaken. Assembling of the International Space Station and consequently developing commerce services is also being looked forward to. The federal government will be allotting essential funds for the same. The fund assignment that has been mentioned herewith are only estimates.

In the course of budget, funds will be allocated for the following purposes:

Activities related to International Space Station:
To carry out operations of the International Space Station, estimates are that USD$2.1 billion may be assigned.
For assembling the space station an amount of USD$3 billion is likely to be assigned.
For the development of commercial services, a total of USD$173 may be allotted.

Increasing knowledge in aeronautics, space science and earth science:
Enabling a breakthrough in various technologies related to aeronautics- an estimated USD#447 million may be assigned.
For research work in aeronautical science- USD$1.7 billion (estimates).

Robotic Spacecraft:
For designing brand new “spaceflight vehicles”.
For exploring Mars, fund allocation is estimated to be USD$1.3 billion.
It is being estimated that in Budget 2009, a program related to research and missions associated with “lunar robotics” would be assigned approximately USD$105 million.

Speculations are that there might be alterations in the New Millennium Program, as it is not yielding proper results. In other words, every effort will be made by the Federal government so that the budget 2009 brings about success by appropriate assignment of funds to the various spheres.

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