National Intelligence Program and US Budget

National Intelligence Program of US get sufficient financial support from US Budget and utilizing these funds, National Intelligence Program implements different intelligence plans in order to protect the country from international terrorist groups.
National Intelligence Program and Budget are intrinsically linked as far as the US Economy is concerned. The US Budget 2009 also aims at giving special emphasis on the National intelligence Program.
In fact, the importance of National Intelligence Program has increased more as the terrorist activities are increasingly taking place all over the world.

Role of National Intelligence Program
National Intelligence Program plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the US Economy as it finances all the Intelligence Activities of several US Departments.
The National Intelligence Program provides tremendous support to the national security of USA.

Contribution of US Budget 2009 to the National Intelligence Program
The US Budget 2009 will help the National Intelligence Program to implement National Intelligence Strategy. The budget will allocate sufficient funds to National Intelligence Program and these funds will be used in abolishing terrorist activities, in preventing the use of weapons which can generate mass destruction. This fund usage will be done under the supervision of the Director of National Intelligence, Director of Central Intelligence Agency and the Department Secretaries.

US Budget 2009, will help the National Intelligence Program in producing effective intelligence products. The Budget will also provide financial support to the National Intelligence Program, so that special intelligence service can be provided to the US President, Heads of different Executive Departments. The law enforcement communities and the US military forces also get intelligence services through National Intelligence Program.

Using the funding from US Budget, the National Intelligence Program aims at ensuring the security of the cyber networks in USA.

The US Budget 2009 aims at strengthening the abilities of the US Intelligence Agencies in order to protect the country from International Terrorist Groups. For ensuring the safety of US citizens, the US Budget 2009 aims at implementing a 500 Day Plan of National Intelligence, under the supervision of Director of National Intelligence. This special plan will work towards integration of different Intelligence Agencies by enhancing collaboration among them by promoting
Information Sharing.

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