Percentage of US Budget Spent On Foreign Aid

Percentage of US budget spent on foreign aid differed from one FY to another. In some cases, foreign aid is provided to implement its foreign policies but funding of all foreign aid programs do not encompass the same. The article below reflects various aspects of the financial assistance extended by the United States of America to various recipients around the globe.
Every year significant efforts are made by the advocates of foreign aid plan that the money assigned for the same do not go down the drains, instead they are used wisely to fund humanitarian projects so that it can also achieve the country’s goals pertaining to foreign policies. Nevertheless, this is not always true because there are instances, when this is not the case.

The foreign aid project of USA not supporting objectives of US foreign policies include :
Programs pertaining to security assistance
Military programs

However, this aid is applicable to the nearest of the allies of the United States of America and comprises approximately below 22% of budget pertaining to foreign aid (as of 1998).
In addition to this there are a number of foreign aid programs, which are not nurtured for the fulfillment of foreign aid policies in the USA. These include assistance projects dealing with economic development.

Reports suggest (as of February, 2007) as per budget request for the FY 2008 that percentage of US budget spent on foreign aid would increase by 12% taking the figure to USD$20.27 billion. Much of the financial assistance would be meant for battling AIDS/HIV. This fund would also be assigned for funding different programs in “strategically important” nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Facts about US budget allocation as foreign aid to other countries:
Foreign aid spending of the country in the years 2006 and 2007 were respectively USD$18.07 billion and USD$17.71 billion.
Of USD$20.27 billion, USD$4.15 billion was assigned for the US Global HIV AIDS Initiative.
Egypt and Israel are two key beneficiaries of foreign aid. For FY 2008, the two countries would receive USD$1.72 billion and USD$2.4 billion.
The budget request comprised USD$1.4 billion as foreign aid to Iraq for FY 2008 in addition to USD$2.34 billion towards supplemental financing.
For Pakistan, the aid would increase from USD$707 million to USD$785 million for FY 2008.The financial assistance would help in programs related to training of police force, education and health care.

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