Business Card

A business card is a type of card which carries business details regarding an individual or a firm. These cards are exchanged at the time of formal communications. Business cards function as useful memory aids and contain a variety of important information and are available in various forms.
Business cards are manufactured in various forms and serve the purposes of the cardholders.

Usually, a business card contains the following information:
The name of the giver
Affiliation of the company (Normally with a logo)
Contact details, for example telephone numbers, street addresses, website and e-mail addresses.

Conventionally, a large number of business cards were manufactured by printing black text on white background.

Nowadays, business cards are professionally designed and contain a number of sensational visualizations. Business cards may be made of metal, PVC or plastic, magnets, cloth, or wood.
Business cards are often utilized at the time of marketing visits to offer the probable clients a way to communicate with the commercial enterprise or the representative of the commercial enterprise.

Sometimes, business cards are also called trade cards, visiting cards, or calling cards.

Currently, CD-ROM business cards are also available, which has the capacity of preserving 35-100 MB of data.
4/4 – Full Color Front / Full Color Back 4/1 – Full Color Front / One color to reverse
4/0 – Full Color Front / No Back

Dimensions of Business Card .

Standard Dimensions (inch) Dimensions (mm)
ISO 216, A8 sized 2.913 × 2.047 74 x 52
ISO 7810 ID-1, credit card sized 3.370 × 2.125 85.60 × 53.98
Australia/New Zealand (most usual) 3.54 x 2.165 90 x 55
Yongo, utilized in Japan 3.582 x 2.165 91 x 55
United States 3.5 x 2 89 x 51
United Kingdom & Italy (most usual) 3.346 x 2.165 85 x 55


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