Citi Business Card

Citibank is one of the major financial services providers of the United States of America. It provides a number of personal and business credit cards to the customers throughout the world. The Citi Business Card is one of the popular business cards of Citibank.
The credit card business of Citibank is spread in the whole world. The main reason behind this huge success is the customized nature of the products. There are credit card products for every need and for every type of customers. The Citi Business Card is one of the major business credit cards offered by Citibank.

The Citi Business Card is mainly designed for the businessmen with very good credit history. This credit card helps the individuals in having control over their business expenses. The Citi Business Card provides the option to make all business expenses through a single card.

Benefits Offered by Citi Business Card
A number of benefits are offered by the Citi Business Card. There is no annual fee charged for this card. At the same time, the Citi Business Card offers 0% APR for the introductory period for one year.
The cardholders also enjoy 0% interest rates on the balance transfers done within this period. These facilities are applicable only if the cardholders make regular payments without defaulting. The online services provided by the bank help the customers to get all the updates regarding the card at any time.

Additional Benefits Offered by Citi Business Card
The Citi Business Card users are also provided with free accident insurance coverage while traveling. At the same time, this card also offers emergency assistance program to the card users. The Citi Business Card also protects the customers against any kind of fraudulent activities.

Citibank provides thank you points to the business card users. The first transaction done by the card provides 10,000 thank you points to the cardholders. The card also provides discounts on the prescribed drugs. The cardholders can also apply for additional cards.

All these benefits and additional facilities make the Citi Business Card an ideal business credit card product for the business community.

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