Business Card Dimensions

Business card dimensions are different for different countries. These business cards are carried by the card-owners and so a set of comfortable card holders are also developed according to the dimensions of the business cards.

Business Card Dimensions
There are different types of business card dimensions. A number of factors are related to the size of the business card like name, age, business information, and more.
Here are some common dimensions by country:

US: 89mm x 51mm
UK: 85mm x 55mm
Italy: 85mm x 55mm
Japan: 90mm x 55mm

Business cards are used for a number of purposes. Primarily, these cards are exchanged during business meetings among businessmen. These are also used to provide important information about the business operations.
The dimensions of the business card also depend on the kind of information that is printed on it. The shapes of the business cards also vary and are selected by the cardholders.

Business Card Holders
Business card holders are used to carry the business cards. A wide variety of card holders are available in the market to suit the different business card dimensions. These card holders come in various designs and in a wide price range.
Brands of Card Holders:
Veer Vertical Business Tote
Executive Business Card Case
Vortex Business Brief
Wenger Leather Card Wallet
Cutter & Buck American Classic Business Card Hold
Stratford Executive Card Holder
Executive Business Card Case
Quest Ring binder
Cutter & Buck American Classic Business Card Hold
USB Slim Memory Card w/Credit Card Holder
Metropolitan Business Card Holder

With recent technological advancement, a number of features have been added to business cards. With the introduction of the new features, business card dimensions are expected to be modified.

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