AdTec Solutions

AdTec Solutions is one of the leading business card designing, printing, and marketing agencies in the United Kingdom. Besides business cards, AdTec Solutions also offers a number of web design and web hosting solutions. The company is based in Epsom, Surrey.

About AdTec Solutions
AdTec Solutions is one of the most prominent graphic design and printing solution providers in the United Kingdom. It was incorporated in the year 2000. AdTec Solutions is famous for its customer focus, cheap rate of services, and reliability. The client base of AdTec Solutions is huge and based all over the United Kingdom and different parts of Europe.

Products and Services of AdTec Solutions 

The products and services of AdTec Solutions can be categorized into the following types:
Web Design Services
Web Hosting Services
Domain Creation
Business Cards
Search Engine Optimization
Business Card Services of AdTec Solutions
AdTec Solutions designs and prints various types of business cards in a customized manner with a variety of colors, designs, fonts, and gloss lamination (free of cost). It also offers a number of superior business card templates to the clients. The pricing starts from 49 Pound Sterling for 500 business cards. For designing 100,000 business cards in bulk, AdTec Solutions charges 370 Pound Sterling.

The cards are available in two forms, Premium and Regular. The size for Premium Cards is 55mm x 85 mm and the size for Regular Cards is 54mm x 89 mm.

The benefits provided by AdTec Solutions for the business card customers include the following:
Free logo insertions
High quality Art Card (350 GSM)
Online Color Card Proof Free of Cost
Unlimited Colors Free of Cost
Modifications and Image Check Free of Cost
Availability of Free Samples
Online Card Viewing

Contact Details:
AdTec Solutions Limited
P.O. Box 335
KT17 3WB
Phone: 0870 241 7014 (9am – 6pm Monday – Friday)

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