GFX Printing

GFX Printing provides the clients with the best quality business cards. For the purpose, it uses the latest technologies. Along with quality, the cost of the product is also of same importance for the company and so it tries to keep the costs as low as possible.
Originally, the company started its operation in the later part of 1980s. Since the beginning, the company has been involved in the printing business. As a design firm named as My Sentiments Greeting Cards, the company achieved a lot of success.

Then it took entry into the business of printing different types of business cards and other products. It operates its printing business with the name of GFX Printing.

GFX Business Card Printing Technologies
GFX Printing offers unique business cards for the clients. The company prints a minimum of 50 business cards at a time. The charge for 500 cards is $75. The company has high reputation in the market for providing good quality products to the clients. To maintain the quality of the products, GFX Printing uses the best card stock.
For the purpose, the minimum standard set by the company regarding the card stock is of 14pt C2S 120-lb. At the same time, the stocks are provided with both side coats. By setting these norms, the GFX Printing makes sure that it is maintaining the printing standards set by its own.

Unique Features of GFX Printing
Another unique feature of the GFX Printing business cards is that the company provides an additional varnish coating on the business cards. This coating is applied on the GFX Printing business cards to make sure that the ink is secured. The varnish is different from the UV coats because it is anti-glare. The company uses Roland press or Heidelberg press for the printing purpose. These machines are very useful in providing the business cards with photographic quality images. The quality of color reproduction of GFX Printing is 300 dpi.
Security Provided by GFX Printing
The company has taken adequate measures to provide security to the online customers who use their credit cards to place their orders. The system adopted by the company provides security against any kind of fraudulent activity related to credit cards.

These unique features assure the clients about the quality of the product as well as the financial security of themselves. This in turn is increasing the popularity of GFX Printing.

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