Printing 4 Pros

Printing 4 Pros is a company specializing in digital printing. They offer a host of services, business card printing being one of them. Printing 4 Pros does offset printing work. They also do banners and signs for business establishments. The turnaround time for the services is at most 3 days.

More on services of Printing 4 Pros
Printing 4 Pros offers a 10% discount on all types of printing orders received by them.

They include the following:
Business cards
Pocket folders
door hangers
Sell Sheets and
Printing 4 Pros offers a whopping 20% off on all digital work. They include the following:
Magnetic Signs.
Economy Banners and


More on Business cards by Printing 4 Pros
Printing 4 Pros have attractive, sturdy business cards on the offering. The company prints business cards on 12 point coated and double side covered stock. There are 4 color processes available. The business cards printed by Printing 4 Pros have a high glossy coating, which is aqueous in nature. The idea is to make the cards water resistant to increase their longevity.

Business cards are an effective means of creating a lasting first impression on one’s customers. Printing 4 Pros business cards gives that added advantage to their holders. They help to stand out in a clutter. The marketing people in general are in the need of well laid out, neat, functional, attractive business cards to further their business.

Printing 4 Pros offers a low turnaround period for business cards. It is just 2 working days. Once the client has given his consent for the final layout of the business card, he would have to wait a couple of days to receive his consignment of fresh, crisp, new business cards. The standard size of business cards is 3.5 x 2 inches. It can either be fully colored on one side or on both sides. The water resistant coating can either have a matte finish or a glossy finish.
Price Estimates of Business Cards by Printing 4 Pros

Quantity Price (in dollars)
500 $51.21
50000 $940.31
1000 $69.83
30000 $591.18
2500 $88.45
25000 $512.05
5000 $139.65
20000 $442.2
10000 $232.75
15000 $349.13


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