Scan2Contacts is a business card scanner as well as software. It is completely integrated into the Microsoft Outlook system. Scan2Contacts has a number of benefits including time and cost efficiency. The company is headquartered at Los Angeles, California.

About Scan2Contacts
Scan2Contacts happens to be one of the best business card scanners that are capable of providing a complete range of services. It also lends software support to the contacts management software system of Microsoft Outlook.
Scan2Contacts reads business cards and then transfers the textual information as well as the pictures in the contact record system of Outlook.

Functioning of Scan2Contacts
Scan2Contacts is a business card scanning software that uses the OCR system for functioning.
The OCR or Optical Character Recognition can be considered an integral part of the operation of Scan2Contacts. The Scan2Contacts card scanning system functions pretty fast and takes only a few seconds to glean information from the business cards and then store them in the appropriate fields.

Benefits of Scan2Contacts
Following are the main advantages of the Scan2Contacts:
Scan2Contacts is totally integrated in the Microsoft Outlook system
Scan2Contacts is extremely time efficient
Scan2Contacts has an auto-detect function
Scan2Contacts does not require any kind of external power in order to function
Scan2Contacts can capture images as well as information
Contact Details of Scan2Contacts
Card Scanning Solutions
10350 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 330
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Facsimile Number – (419) 735-2419

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