WorldCard Duet

The WorldCard Duet is one of the major business card scanners of the world. It also performs other functions like playing the role of a web camera for example. The WorldCard Duet provides a number of benefits and advantages to its clients.

Specialty of WorldCard Duet
The special feature of the WorldCard Duet is that it can also perform some other functions than scanning business cards. The WorldCard Duet also provides benefits that are related to contact management. It also doubles up as a web camera.

Work Pattern of WorldCard Duet
The WorldCard Duet takes quick photographs of a business card. While performing this function it does not scan the card mechanically. Having taken the photograph the WorldCard Duet places it directly in the computer. All kinds of information that are there in a business card are read and stored by the WorldCard Duet.

Features of WorldCard Duet
Following are some characteristics of the WorldCard Duet:
Supports the recognition of the following languages English, Hungarian, French, Russian, German, Swedish, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, and Polish.
Supports import or export or sync with from and to PIM software systems like Outlook, Goldmine, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes,, Palm, ACT!, Microsoft Mobile and ACT! Premium for Workgroup
Supports import or export from and to Excel and Access
Supports as much as 65,535 types of sub categories. The users can redesign the business card as per their wish.
Provides a Recycle Bin that can be used to restore the records that have been deleted
Recognizes the pictures of business cards from a variety of sources like the following – digital cameras, flatbed scanners web cams, advanced mobile phone that have a camera capacity of at least 2.0 mega pixels and sheet-feed scanners
Supports undo for business card editing
Can capture business cards into Outlook, windows contacts and ACT directly
The users can introduce email application as well as a web site directly from the WorldCard software itself.
Provides four kinds of viewing modes
Provides advanced search function that can be used for the purpose of determining the contact information with convenience
Supports business card data files that are protected by passwords
Supports Map search functions, which means it can search addresses from countries like the United States of America, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, China , Germany, Japan, and Italy
Provides a number of print models for the purpose of printing contact information in a number of formats


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