Standard Business Card Size

There are a number of factors that are important in making a perfect business card, standard size being one of them. Business cards are created in various shapes and sizes; the shape being decided by card makers, but the size, mostly fixed by the information that is provided.
These cards are used widely by the business sector throughout the world, with the standard size differing from country to country.In the United States of America, the standard or traditional size is 3.5″ x 2″, which is comfortable enough for carrying purposes, as well as placing in card holders that have been created specifically to fit.

However, the traditional size in Australia and New Zealand is 3.5″4 x 2.165″, which is slightly larger than US standards. Because they represent companies or businesses, they should be perfectly designed, with the details upon them precise but complete.
The amount of detail plays a major role in deciding the card’s dimensions. Along with size, there are many other points that are important, namely the quality of the paper, selection of colors and the message.
Equally crucial, is using the proper font size, and selecting the right image, and shape of the card.

The perfect combination of all these factors will create a professional styled business card that is most likely to leave a good, long lasting impression on a client.

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