Carousal Capital Business Deal

On 20th February 2008, Carousal Capital announced an acquisition deal with Brasseler USA. Through this announcement, Carousal Capital revealed that it was going to acquire Brasseler USA, by entering in to a partnership with Don Waters, CEO of Brasseler USA.
Most recently, Carousal Capital announced a business deal on 20th February 2008. Through this announcement, Carousal Capital revealed that it was going to acquire Brasseler USA.

Profile of Brasseler USA
Brasseler USA was established in the year 1976. The headquarters of Brasseler USA is situated at Savannah of Georgia. Brasseler has established itself as major provider of dental and surgical instruments, throughout USA.
The company supplies its’ products not only to Dentists and Dental Schools but also to Dental laboratories, Hospitals and Surgery Centers.

Details of the Acquisition Deal
Through this acquisition deal, Carousal Capital will acquire Brasseler USA.But, with this acquisition deal, another partnership deal also has been finalized.
In the process of acquisition, Carousal Capital has entered into a partnership contract with Don Waters, CEO of Brasseler USA. As a result, after the completion of the transactions of the acquisition deal, Don Waters will get significant ownership in the acquired business.

With respect to this acquisition deal, Don Waters stated that, this acquisition would open a new chapter in the history of Brasseler USA. On the other hand, Charles Grigg, partner of Carousal Capital opined that, after the acquisition, Carousal Capital would work together with Don Waters and his management team with the aim of sustaining the success of Carousal Capital. He also added that, as Brasseler already provides dental and surgical instruments of superior quality to the dental and medical markets of USA, after the acquisition, the joined organization will generate tremendous growth potential and will be able to expand its’ market to a further level.

It can be mentioned that, for acquiring Brasseler USA, Carousal Capital accumulated funds using equity from Carousal Capital Partners III, the third investment fund of Carousal Capital.

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