Amedisys Inc Business Deal

In this paper we will summarize the recent business deal made by Amedisys Inc. It is a publicly traded organization, issued its first Initial Public Offer in 1994. In February 2008, Amedisys made the announcement about its plan to acquire TLC Health Care Services for 395 million dollars.
In 2005, Arcapita Inc., a private equity investment company, owned TLC. So Amedisys fixed the deal with Arcapita Inc. King & Spalding acted as a legal advisor in the deal. In February 2008, Amedisys Inc., a publicly traded firm, announced that they would own TLC Health Care Services. The deal was set at 395 million dollars. TLC was established in 1978 and its head office is in New York.

It is America’s biggest provider of home health care services. TLC has numerous health agencies across the whole United States of America. Professionals from TLC are used to come up with wide range of services like, cardiac care, family health counseling, disease management etc. Moreover, TLC provides some health aide services to improve people’s daily living.
In 2005, Arcapita Inc. TLC management has been working in association with Arcapita Inc., a premier private equity investment company, for the last three years, had owned TLC.
Arcapita mainly handles corporate investments, asset-based investments, real estate investments and venture capital.

Amedisys, founded in 1982, is also a leading name in the American health care industry. It has several agencies across the whole country. In 1994, Amedisys issued their first initial public offer (IPO). It is now trading in Nasdaq under the symbol “AMED”.

However, Amedisys’ objective behind the deal is to accelerate the company’s growth, and spread its value beyond the American market. Navigant Capital Advisors played the role of advisor for TLC, while King & Spalding was the legal advisor in the whole business deal.

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