American Education Group

American Education Group started its operation during the year 2007 with a total capital of forty million US dollars. Just after its inception, it started massive expansion through acquisition of 3 major education institutions. This article would help the reader to know more on American Education Group with more clarity.
American Education Group started its operation from Grand Rapids of Michigan. This group primarily invests in schools for providing education to the Americans. It believes that there is a huge market for educational services in USA.

AEG’s basic objectives are:
Providing latest resources for better education to school going pupil of America.
Invest heavily in its own set-up of schools for enhancing its quality.
Providing assistance to academic programs.
Investing in management services for businesses.
Expansion of its market share through marketing expertise.
American Education Group – Its Motto
AEG is on an expansion spree through which it wants to become the leading-most education service provider in USA. After making 3 acquisitions in a row within a span of one year provided enough resource to American Education Group for providing education from pre-kindergarten level to high school level.
American Education Group and its investment partners
At the time of establishment in 2007, American Education Group roped in two more private equity firms and started its operation with a total capital of US$ 40 million. These partner firms are: –
Chicago Growth Partners
Winona Capital Management

American Education Group’s Business Deals
Some of the very important business deals struck by AEG are:
American Education Group (AEG) has made a significant business deal by acquiring Little Sprouts, one of the leading most provider of education services on a pre-kindergarten level. The deal was announced during early March of the year 2008.
During spring 2007, AEG acquired Barnstable Academy of New Jersey. Barnstable Academy provides education to students ranging from middle to high school level.
American Education Group also acquired a K-8 school, Tampa Day School, just after its establishment in the year 2007.
American Education Group (AEG) is expanding its operation on a large scale. For this, it has acquired 3 institutions namely Little Sprouts, Barnstable Academy and Tampa Day School. After these business deals, it has equipped AEG in providing high-end educational facilities to its students.

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