Arieso Business Deal

On 22nd February, 2008, Arieso Limited announced its’ most recent business deal. The announcement revealed that Arieso Limited has received huge investments worth $9.84 million from four companies namely, Oxford Capital Partners, Add Partners, Top Technology and Qualcomm Ventures.
The most recent business deal of Arieso Limited was announced on 22nd February 2008. Through this business deal, Arieso Limited received huge investment of $9.84 million. This huge funding came from four companies namely Oxford Capital Partners, Add Partners, Top Technology and Qualcomm Ventures. Famous companies like Vodafone, Qualcomm, Telefonica, AT & T Mobility uses the Arieso products.

Profile of Arieso Limited
Arieso Limited provides software solutions, which help the wireless network providers to optimize their services.

By using the software solutions provided by Arieso Limited, mobile network provider companies can improve the quality of service, they offer to the mobile phone users. At the same time, they can reduce their capital expenditures and can lower their operating costs.
Arieso Limited was established in the year 2002 and within a very short period of time, it became a world leader in providing automatic network optimization solutions.
Details of the Deal
Arieso Limited received $9.84 million funding from four companies. Among these four companies, Top Technology and Add Partners are shareholders of Arieso Limited. The other two companies are Qualcomm Ventures, which is the investment segment of Qualcomm Incorporated and Oxford Capital Partners.

The huge funds received through the investment deal, will be used in developing a self-optimizing network. This self-optimizing network will be able to make adjustments according to customers’ demand for voice and data services. In this respect, Shirin Dehghan, CEO of Arieso Limited stated, that Arieso aims at developing network solutions, which will set new standards of quality and at the same time, will reduce operating costs. He also opined that, by providing huge funding, the investors has offered Arieso a big platform, using which Arieso Limited will expand its service network in USA, Europe and Asia.

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