Arriva Pharmaceuticals Business Deal

In this paper we will discuss about the recent business deal made by Arriva Pharmaceuticals BV, a Netherlands based bio-pharmaceutical company. In February 2008, Nordic Biotech and MPM Capital announced that they will invest 6 million dollars in Arriva.
MPM has supported Arriva for quite a long time. This investment will help Arriva to develop ?-one antitrypsin which is used to treat hereditary emphysema. Arriva Pharmaceuticals BV, a bio-pharmaceutical company, disclosed its recent business deal by the end of February, 2008.

Nordic Biotech, in association with MPM Capital, will invest 6 million US dollars in Arriva. Previously, they invested almost 75 million US dollars. Arriva Pharmaceuticals is a private company and is situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It develops anti-inflammatory therapies which are essential to treat the respiratory diseases. However, it develops therapies mainly for the chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and hereditary emphysema.
Arriva Pharmaceuticals BV has a division, named as Arriva Pharmaceuticals Inc., in California as well. Arriva has gained 81 million dollars since its establishment in 1997.

This deal will help Arriva to develop the recombinant ?-one antitrypsin, needed to treat hereditary emphysema, as well as inhaled protein RAAT, which is in the final stage of production. Nordic Biotech’s intention is to help Arriva financially to make a fully integrated biotech organization.

On the other hand, MPM Capital has been supporting Arriva over the last few years, since 2002. MPM is basically a global investment management company which focuses mainly on the investments in the health sector. The company has several offices in the New York City, Boston and San Fransisco.

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