Arsenal Capital

On 3rd March, 2008, an acquisition deal was announced by Arsenal Capital. According to this business deal, Arsenal Capital will acquire DSM Special Products by the second quarter of 2008. Arsenal Capital is a private equity firm of USA, which mostly invests in healthcare services companies, financial and industrial services companies.
Among the business deals of Arsenal Capital, the most recent one is the acquisition deal made with DSM Special Products. On 3rd March, 2008, Arsenal Capital announced that it is going to acquire DSM Special Products, which is a business unit of Royal DSM N.V. But, DSM Special Products gave a hint about their divestment plan much before.

In September 2007, the company announced that it was planning to focus on its’ material science and life sciences businesses by divesting the Special Products Business.

Profile of DSM Special Products
This business unit of Royal DSM N.V manufactures some specific ingredients that are used in food products, pharmaceutical products and animal feeds. DSM Special Products also produces specialty ingredients that are used in various construction materials.
DSM Special Products manufactures preservatives and chemicals like benzyl alcohol and benzaldehyde. The main operational unit of DSM Special Products is situated in Rotterdam of Netherlands.
Details of the Acquisition Deal
The deal, through which Arsenal Capital is going to acquire DSM Special Products, is expected to be complete till the second quarter of the year 2008. It has been decided that, after completion of the acquisition deal, the company will get the name Genovique Specialties BV. After being renamed the company’s headquarters will be situated in Sittard of Holland.

John Televantos, the Principal, Arsenal Capital declared that Arsenal Capital is very happy with this acquisition deal. He informed that Arsenal Capital has made this deal following its’ investment strategy of acquiring mid-size specialty chemical firms. He also said that the presence of DSM Special Products in the portfolio of Arsenal Capital will help Arsenal Capital to grow. After acquisition, the Arsenal Capital will be able to increase and improve their capacity of manufacturing and therefore will be able to fulfill the growing requirement of the customers with high quality products.

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