Autodesk Business Deal

In February 2008, Autodesk, Inc. announced that it would acquire Kynogon SA, maker of world famous AI engine Kynapse. Autodesk mainly produces 2D and 3D designing softwares which are used to make computer games. Several Fortune 1000 companies use Autodesk’s products.
Some big computer game makers and big entertainment companies also use Kynogon’s famous AI engine. Autodesk aim behind the deal is to make the video game making easy by using that AI engine efficiently. In this paper we will discuss about this business deal briefly.

In February 2008, Autodesk, Inc., a leading design software producer in the world, announced its recent business plan. Autodesk is going to acquire Kynogon SA, designer of Kynapse (an AI engine hugely used by the game makers). The terms and conditions of this deal had not been revealed.

Autodesk is world famous for its 2D and 3D designing softwares. These are hugely used in the area of manufacturing, media & entertainment and building & construction.
k Autodesk is also the maker of another famous designing software AutoCAD. Autodesk’s client list now consists of many Fortune 1000 companies.

On the other hand, Kynogon SA has more than 65 triple A games to its credit. As mentioned earlier, Kynapse has been used by the leading computer game makers across the globe, namely, Activision, Lionhead Studios, Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertainment, Real Time Worlds, THQ and Turbine, Bethesda Softworks to name a few.

The objective of Autodesk behind the deal is to spend more for research and development, so that it can simplify the process of complex 3D video game development by using Kynapse efficiently. Therefore, the company will be able to solidify its position in the game industry, which is booming.

The products made by Kynogon are also used in the defense sector for mission planning and designing the military operation plans. The whole transaction, which is subject to several customary closing conditions, will be completed within May 2008.

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