Big Business Deal in India

In this paper we will discuss about some big business deals in India. After the economic reforms in the early 90s, India’s economy is booming. Therefore lot of foreign companies, especially American companies, have shown their interest to start their businesses in India.
Although, US is the main trading partner of India, nowadays several big guns from China, Japan and UK are also coming here to start their business. During the last decade of the 20th Century some big business deals saw the daylight in India. From the beginning of 2000, the economic growth in India continuously improved and some new business opportunities are setting up.

In 2004, the software giant Microsoft made two separate billion dollar deals with two Indian software companies namely, Wipro and Infosys. Therefore, these two companies got the license to use Microsoft’s technologies.

In the same year, India and Russia had signed up a MoU ( memorandum of understanding) agreement in which, India committed to invest 3 billion dollars in two Russian oil and gas projects, namely, Sakhalin-III and Russian-Kazakh Kurmangazy oil project.
In 2006, some new business agreements or deals started between India and the United States of America. The Indo-US trade amounted to 26.8 billion dollars in the previous year. In fact, the United States is the biggest trading partner of India.

Some positive measures had come from the Indo-US Trade Policy Forum held in 2005 which resulted in a number of Indo-US business deals. America was more keen to invest in the Indian small and medium scale industries. However, that forum did identify many areas in which both the countries would focus in future.

In 2007, UnLtd India had been launched in India to empower the new generation business honchos. The UnLtd India aimed to support the entrepreneurs with new technological skills.

One of the biggest upcoming business deals is the agreement between UTV and ABC News. This deal will be finished within the end of 2008.

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