BSG Alliance Business Deal

BSG Alliance acquired Iconixx Corporation on 6th March 2008. The amount invested by BSG Alliance in acquiring Iconixx Corporation was not mentioned though. The article below explores some of the aspects of the on-demand market for management of human capital and allied activities.
The BSG Alliance business deal was announced on 6th March 2008. The business deal dealt with the acquisition of Iconixx Corporation by BSG Alliance. While BSG Alliance is a company, which is responsible for transforming the companies of today into enterprises of the future, Iconixx Corporation serves as a platform for talent management in the global arena.

Iconixx Corporation caters to the needs of both medium sized enterprises as well as small sized enterprises.

Value of the acquisition:

The business deal between BSG Alliance and Iconixx Corporation, did not disclose the value of the acquisition though.

Need for the business deal: It has been observed that since the year 2005 there has been a lot of demand for solutions pertaining to talent management. As per records, the figure has climbed to about $20 billion in the year 2007. A trend has increasingly being noticed that there has been shortage of work force in most of the countries. One of the identifiable reasons is that people tend to have less job satisfaction and the fact that the generation of Baby Boomers has become old. Due to such reasons, more and more companies are opting for professional help in retaining their employees as well as motivating them. With the BSG Alliance business deal, various companies can make use of the expertise of the two combining companies in working out strategic measures for improving workforce and also for retaining the existing workers or employees in this “hyper competitive” era.

More about BSG Alliance:
A “business innovation platform” on demand, the company has various subscription-based programs to cater to the needs of companies. Some of the programs are as follows:
Agile&Collaborative TechnologiesSM
Agile TalentSM
Customer Driven InnovationSM

The client le of BSG Alliance includes the Global 2000 firms.
More about Iconixx Corporation:
Iconixx Corporation helps companies in various spheres, which may include the following:
For increasing sales of companies.
For increasing profits of companies.
Help managements take decisions.
Channel management
Management of human capital
Management of enterprise compensation
Management of sales performance.

Client le of Iconixx Corporation includes companies like Humana and Allstate.

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