Champlain Financial Corp

Champlain Financial Corp acquired Les Produits Neptune Inc so that it could fund the expansion program undertaken by Les Produits Neptune Inc in various North American parts. Champlain Financial Corp is an equity investment company and extends financial assistance to many companies, which are small or medium sized.
The article below highlights the various features of the Champlain Financial Corp acquisition. Champlain Financial Corp acquired Les Produits Neptune Inc, a company, which is involved in designing as well as manufacturing luxury fittings of bathrooms.

While Neptune is involved in making bathroom fixtures, Champlain Financial Corp is a firm involved in private equity investments. Champlain Financial Corp is providing financial assistance to the acquired company so that the acquired company is able to further enhance and expand the operations of Neptune in the Northern part of America.

Facts about the acquiring company-Champlain Financial Corp:
Champlain Financial Corp is based in Canada. It is a private equity company and is affiliated to its fund manager, Champlain Capital Management LLC.
The company has built many portfolios in private equities and has also invested throughout United States of America as well as Canada. The main aim of the company is to finance the various developmental activities of small as well as medium sized companies.
Facts about the acquired or the target company-Les Produits Neptune Inc:
The company enjoys a reputation of creating designer fixtures for bathrooms. Ranging from jet systems, showers to bathtubs, its products find place in different markets of North America. As a result of the acquisition by Champlain Financial Corp, the company will be rapidly expanding its business, as the private equity provider will be arranging for the necessary finance required for the expansion project. Mr Gaston Truchon as well as Mr Daniel Marcoux set up Neptune in the year 1996.

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