Charterhouse Capital

Charterhouse Capital announced an acquisition deal on March 3, 2008. Charterhouse Capital said it was going to acquire Giles, a leading insurance brokerage firm of the UK.Charterhouse Capital Business Deal refers to negotiated deals between Charterhouse Capital and other businesses.
The most recent business deal of the Charterhouse Capital Partners took place on March 3, 2008. Charterhouse Capital announced that it was going to acquire Giles, the leading insurance brokerage firm of the UK.

Profile of Giles
Giles is an insurance brokerage firm which provides commercial insurance cover for the motor trade industry, construction industry, recruitment industry, and charity organizations. Giles operates a wide network, which spreads across the UK. The headquarters of Giles is situated in Scotland.

Giles climbed the growth ladder by adopting an acquisition-led growth strategy, under the supervision of Chris Giles, head of the management team. Through aggressive growth strategies, Giles made 17 acquisitions in a period of 17 months. These acquisitions brought positive results and Giles’ turnover tripled.

The Acquisition
The acquisition took place between Charterhouse Capital and Giles. Charterhouse Capital recognized the tremendous growth potential of Giles, and was supported by Gresham, the private equity firm of the UK. Through this acquisition deal, Gresham, who was an equity holder of Giles, left Giles by selling the business to Charterhouse Capital. Gresham helped Giles in expanding Giles’ regional network.

In the acquisition deal, it was decided that the management team of Giles would remain with the company, and Chris Giles would continue to lead the team.

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