Eastman Kodak Business Deal

On March 5, 2008 Eastman Kodak announced its intention of acquiring Design2Launch. The cost that would be incurred was not disclosed.

Benefits of the Eastman Kodak business deal:
The Eastman Kodak business deal is expected to expand solution portfolios. The deal will be a means of opening new markets especially in the field of graphic design and other associated businesses.

Profile of Design2Launch:
Situated in Stamford, CT, Design2Launch is a private firm which was set up in the year 2000 to meet the demand of a series of “integrated modules.”
By adopting effective, as well as efficient strategies, time will be saved in the process of graphic designing which will also be money savings.
Collaboration, as well as revising and production, are taken care of by Design2Launch in regards to graphic creation. The function of Design2Launch Inc. is to develop solutions for “collaborative end to end digital work flow.”
The company also finds solutions for working teams belonging to different sectors such as:
Food & beverage

This website is up for sale at $20,000.00. Please contact 9811053538 for further details.