EKR Therapeutics Business Deal

EKR Therapeutics business deal was announced on March 10, 2008. The deal was comprised of new, as well established investors, which accounted for $50 million in investments The investments were made entirely at EKR.

Investors in EKR Therapeutics business deal:

ESP Equity Partners
MPM Capital
Quaker BioVentures
LLR Partners
New Spring Capital
LLR Partners and MPM Capital were new investors, while ESP Equity Partners, Quaker BioVentures and New Spring Capital were pre-existing investors of EKR Therapeutics.

The company- EKR Therapeutics Inc:
EKR Therapeutics Inc. was established in 2005 and specializes in pharmaceuticals. The company is engaged in commercializing, acquiring, and developing proprietary products.
The products help in pain management, cardiovascular conditions, and medications for oncology support.

EKR Therapeutics Inc. excels in acute care medications. It also extends quality service to the patients and conducts medical education projects. Because of its high standards, the company has won the confidence of many investors in the financing of various projects of the company.
Utilization of capital raised from the EKR Therapeutics business deal:
The capital raised from the EKR business deal will be used, in part, for pursuing the acquisition of candidates for magnifying its “acute care products” portfolio. By acquiring a Cardene franchise in early 2008, the company’s portfolio was intensified. EKR also intends to carry out further acquisitions, and work on its product portfolio.

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