Helpstream Business Deal

The Helpstream business deal was sealed at $8.6 million. The financiers were Mohr Davidow Ventures, Roger Sippl, and Foundation Capital. The company has decided to use the money for improving its services and the products that it offers. The article below highlights several essential facts about the company.
Helpstream, previously known as Pathworks Software, provides solutions for “on demand collaborative customer service”.

The Helpstream business deal was closed on February 28, 2008. The total value of the Helpstream business deal was $8.6 million, and it was financed by the following investors:
Mohr Davidow Ventures or MDV
Roger Sippl
Foundation Capital
Functional areas of Helpstream:
The main function of Helpstream is to ensure that customer care services in various organizations are at their best, and that the subsequent costs incurred are not very high.
The company extends “help desk solutions” to their clients, who belong to various sects of the corporate world ranging from professionals in the health care industry, financial services, government services, consumer electronics, technical fields, and in fields that cater to the day-to-day needs of consumers. The company has as many as 70 customers (as of February 28, 2008) from the different industries mentioned above.
Utilization of money raised:
The capital that has been raised from the investors would be used for the further betterment of the services, as well as the products, that it offers. Working on effective and efficient marketing strategies is also being contemplated. The company believes that in order to succeed in the customer service terrain, a company is required to have the following prerequisites:

The services offered by the service provider ought to be:
Cost effective

MDV or Mohr Davidow Ventures:
Mohr Davidow Ventures, which has been in business for the past 25 years, is a venture capital firm with its base in the Silicon Valley. The three main causes funded by the company are:
Powering the Planet
Personalizing Medicine
Driving the Digital World

Some of the other companies financed by MDV include:

Foundation Capital:
Established in 1995, Foundation Capital is responsible for providing support to several companies, as well as entrepreneurs. The functional areas of the company include:
On Demand Services
Telecommunication And Storage
EDA And Semiconductor
Consumer Services


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