Innofidei Business Deal

In this paper we will discuss the recent business deal made by Innofidei, a Beijing based company that provides IC and system solutions to Chinese mobile TV broadcasters. The BlueRun Ventures, a California based venture capital company, invested 6 million dollars in Innofidei, which will enable the company to spend more on research and development.
The company’s aim is to start its CMMB solution services before the 2008 Olympic games. Innofidei, a Beijing based company, disclosed its recent business deal in March 2008, where the company received a 10 million dollar investment from BlueRun Ventures.

Innofidei is an IC and system solutions provider, which supplies its product to the market of mobile TV broadcasting in China. Some big entrepreneurs of semiconductor industry established the company in 2006. Besides Beijing, it has several offices in Taipei and Silicon Valley, USA. It is now a leading “broadcast transmitter system solutions” provider in China.
Innofidei’s “RF/Mixed-signal technologies” and “low power VLSI” facilitates the customers with a variety of solutions at a low cost.BlueRun Ventures was founded in 1998. It is a California based venture capital company that has several branches in Herzelia, Shanghai, Mumbai, Beijing, Seoul and Helsinki.
Innofidei will spend this money on its various Research & Development programs. The market of mobile TV broadcasting is growing rapidly in China, which lured the BlueRun Ventures to make this investment. Innofidei’s good track record also helped the company to receive the investment.

By using the investment experience of BlueRun Ventures, Innofidei wants to initiate its CMMB solutions services before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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