Invoke Solutions Inc. Business Deal

On March 11, 2008, Invoke Solutions, Inc. announced its most recent investment deal. The announcement revealed that Invoke Solutions, Inc. was going to receive funding worth $7 million from three companies: North Atlantic Capital, BEV Capital and Bain Capital.
The most recent business deal of Invoke Solutions, Inc., was announced on March 11, 2008. Invoke Solutions, Inc. has signed an investment deal worth $7 million.

Details of the Deal
Through this investment deal, Invoke Solutions, Inc. received funds from three companies. This investment round was led by North Atlantic Capital, a venture capital firm from Portland, OR. The other two companies that participated in this investment deal were BEV Capital and Bain Capital.

Invoke Solutions, Inc. decided to utilize the funding of $7 million for the following purposes:
For developing an enterprise feedback management system.
For enhancing its delivery capacities.
For expanding the customer base of the company at the global level.
In regards to this investment deal, David Coit, Managing Director of North Atlantic Capital, revealed that his company was impressed by the success of Invoke Solutions, Inc.’s newly launched products and therefore decided to invest in the company. He also stated that Invoke Solutions, Inc. has proved that they understand the market, and that with an efficient management team and an experienced delivery team, it has a strong chance to grow, especially when it has sufficient funds to invest in Research and Development.

Ben Cesare, President and CEO of Invoke Solutions, Inc., stated that the funds received through the investment deal would help Invoke Solutions, Inc. to grow quickly. He also said that the new product ranges of the company have been extremely successful in Europe and USA, and that the research and development team of the company is doing a great job in Israel.

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