ISoftstone Business Deal

iSoftstone, a China based company, desired to stretch its operations in the USA, so it decided to acquire Akona, a Washington based company that was already into a similar kind of business. By utilizing the expertise of Akona, iSoftstone hopes to enhance its brand name by offering quality service to their clients.
On February 29th, 2008 the iSoftstone business deal with Akona Consulting, where Akona Consulting was acquired by iSoftstone Information Service Corporation, was declared. By acquiring the company, iSoftstone expanded their business operations in the United States of America, since Akona Consulting is based in Washington. The iSoftstone business deal is also expected to increase their credibility among their clients.

Company Profile of Akona Consulting:
Located in Washington, this firm was established in the year 2004.

The company extends consultation services to cater to the strategic needs of various business houses, thereby assisting these business houses to attain their organizational objectives. Over the years, the company has maintained a very sound and healthy performance record.

Services Offered:
Akona is mainly involved in asset management, product engineering, analysis of ERP system (application development); market research, brand strategies, digital strategies, business consultations (Strategies and research); content development, web designing, interactive strategies pertaining to marketing (Interactive designing and Creativity); augmentation of staff, technical consultation, managing projects, and project analysis (Project Leadership).
The company has been declared as occupying the 19th position in the field of software development in the region of the Pacific Northwest.
Company profile of iSoftstone:
The services offered by iSoftstone cater to the following sectors: Gas and oil, Telecommunications, logistics and transportation, financial services, and the company is also doing well in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)sector.
The company has received the certification of ISO27001(BS7799) and ISO9001. It operates in different countries like Japan, the USA, Korea, and China.
Benefits of iSoftstone Business Deal:
The business deal will allow iSoftstone to enter the areas of research and development and to work out different business strategies with the expertise of the Akona team. The combined company would be extending business strategies and consultation services under one roof. The benefits are large because what Akona was doing in the USA is similar to what iSoftstone was doing in China. Therefore, it is being increasingly felt that the iSoftstone business deal would benefit not only the clients but also the company in the process.

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