Jivox Business Deal

The Jivox business deal took place on March 10, 2008. Jivox, the company that received the investment, is engaged in online video advertisement and intends to make the online video advertisement market stronger. Diaz Nesamoney, the founder of Jivox, was among the investors.
The Jivox business deal, announced on March 10, 2008, was valued at $2.7 million. The main investor involved in the Jivox business deal was Opus Capital. The founder of Jivox, Diaz Nesamoney, was also one of the investors. Nesamoney is an entrepreneur who was behind Celequest as well as Informatica.

Company profile of the investor – Opus Capital:
A venture capital company in its budding stage, the company has been entrusted with the management of $1 billion. The main area where Opus Capital invests are companies that are highly integrated and committed to entrepreneurship.

Opus Capital is situated in California, which also happens to be the location of the company headquarters.

Company profile of the company being invested in – Jivox:
Well known for his entrepreneurship, Diaz Nesamoney established Jivox (a self services platform) in the year 2007. Jivox, located in California, is a platform for online video advertisements meant for local business houses. The main aim of Jivox is to make online video advertisements accessible to smaller advertisers by creating and delivering the advertisements. Jivox makes use of the following in creating online video advertisements:
Video creation advertisement tools (self service)
A strong web of publishers
Technology for proprietary targeting

Objectives of Jivox business deal:
Due to high production costs, video advertisements have been accessible only to brand advertisers. However, the boom in video content advertisement is allowing the small, as well as medium sized, business houses to reach out to its clients. By making use of the money raised in the Jivox business deal, Diaz Nesamoney intends to route part of the finances to the improvement of the market of online video advertisements.

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