Keybroker Business Deal

In this paper we will summarize the recent business deal made by Keybroker AB, a search advertising system provider. The company is going to receive a &7.44 million dollars investment from Investor Growth Capital, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Investor AB.
The market of search advertising systems is growing in Europe, which lured Investor Growth to go for the deal. The money will be used to expand Keybroker’s business in Europe.Keybroker AB announced its recent business deal with Investor Growth Capital, a fully owned subsidiary of Investor AB. The former will receive a $7.44 million dollars, or 5 million euros, investment from the latter.

Keybroker basically provides online sales facility to big advertisers. It has a high standard delivery center in Stockholm, and has developed a campaign control platform for advertising, which automates the advertising management process.
The company has a fully owned subsidiary, named Keybroker Scandinavia, which has several offices in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.Investor Growth Capital, founded in the mid-90s, publicly trades on the Stockholm exchange.
It is the largest industrial holding firm in Northern Europe, and has been continuously investing in the Information Technology and Health Care sectors of the Nordic region,as well as North America and Asia, since its establishment.

Keybroker will use the money to fund its several “search advertising system development” programs. This business deal will also help the company to expand its business in France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The market of search advertising is growing rapidly in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom where, currently, the market reaches up to 1.5 billion euros. Therefore, by using Investor Growth Capital’s investment experience, Keybroker will be able to capture the market in the UK.

According to the deal, Keybroker’s founding member, Mr Fredrik Arnander, will be looking after the company’s business in Europe only. Mr Fredrik Holmon, another founding member of Keybroker, will be taking care of the research and development part as a President of Products & Technology.

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