Loglogic Business Deal

In this paper we will discuss Loglogic’s recent business deal. In March 2008, the company announced that it will receive a 1.5 million investment from SAP Ventures. In addition to that, other companies will also invest in Loglogic, for a total investment of 15 million dollars.
Loglogic, a leading name in the area of log management, disclosed its recent business deal in March 2008. The company will receive a 1.5 million dollar investment from SAP Ventures. Other investors contributing to this business deal are Sequoia Capital, Worldview Technology Partners, Focus Ventures, Invesco Private Capital and Telesoft Partners, which brings the total investment amount to 15 million dollars.

Loglogic offers an efficient “enterprise-class” platform for storing, alerting, collecting and reporting the IT log data from any device or operating system.

The company’s patented 4 LX and ST system fixes the weaknesses of global enterprises and offers solutions for that. This system also helps the companies to reduce risks while working with log data.
The company developed an IT-log data search engine and several compliance suites, which is needed for critical controls. Loglogic has won several big awards like SC Magazine’s ‘Approved for SC Labs Rating’ (2006 & 2007), Best of Interop 2005, IT Week’s ‘Editor’s Choice Award’, and AlwaysOn Top 100 Private Company (2006), just to name a few.

SAP Ventures, established in 1996, is the venture capital division of SAP AG, a CMM Level 5 application software company. It invests mainly in software companies who come up with new technologies. SAP Venture helps the companies to hire the best possible candidates from the market and to make decisions.

This business deal will help Loglogic to grow rapidly and to secure its place in the global market. Moreover, the introduction of SAP venture will help the company to enter into SAP’s application software business in the distant future.

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