Microsoft Inc Business Deal

On February 28, 2008, Microsoft, Inc. announced its acquisition deal with YaData Limited. There is a buzz in the industry that Microsoft, Inc. acquired YaData by paying an amount somewhere between $20 million and $30 million.Among all the business deals made by Microsoft, Inc., the most recent one is an acquisition deal, which was announced on February 28, 2008.
Through this announcement, Microsoft, Inc. made it clear that it is going to acquire YaData Limited.

Profile of YaData
YaData Limited provides advanced tools and solutions, which help companies in identifying their target customers.
Using these tools, the marketing managers of different companies can discover unique customer segments for their products. YaData Limited, which was established in the year 2006, received funds from two venture capital funds of Israel, namely, Ofer Hi-Tech and Giza. The headquarters of YaData Limited is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Details of the Acquisition Deal
There are rumors in the industry that the price of this acquisition deal will possibly range between $20 million and $30 million. After deciding on the acquisition deal, Microsoft, Inc. stated that, by acquiring YaData, it will be able to connect with their target customers more efficiently.
The targeting capacity Microsoft, Inc.’s advertisers will increase and, at the same time, the customers will also be able to view focused and relevant advertisements.

It has been decided that, after completion of the acquisition deal, employees of YaData will join the Microsoft Research and Development Center of Israel. In this respect, Moshe Lichtman, President of Microsoft Research and Development Center, Israel, opined that contribution of the YaData Team would significantly enrich the Israel R & D Center and Microsoft as a whole. He also revealed that by acquiring YaData, Microsoft would be able to enter the online advertising market. It was also informed that, after the closing of the acquisition deal, the advanced tools and solutions provided by YaData Limited will be used and deployed by the Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Group of Microsoft.

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